Osiedle Riverview



Osiedle Riverview consists of seven buildings forming a building quarter, erected over the canal on Stępka in Gdańsk, in the city center, near the most valuable monuments and the historic heart of the capital of Pomerania.

The investment has a very special location in Gdańsk, hence it reflects the two faces of the city: the first - Protestant in spirit, the second - eclectic, Baroque. As a result, from the port side, the project received a strict and calm appearance, referring by the brick façades to the Flemish mannerism. The other side is a series of tenement houses in dialogue with the bourgeois architecture present in the area. A courtyard is located in the middle of the project - a green, semi-private space for residents, open towards the canal on Stępka. Also from the side of the canal, there are service points, cafes and a promenade, forming an extension of the walking route in Gdańsk, stretching from Żuraw through the marina to the Podewils hotel. The spatial development plan uses its full potential: it reflects the frontage development of the port quays, but is open to life flowing through it and is in contact with water.

The investment is a complex of seven buildings of various heights - they have five to six floors. The soaring forms of buildings with a brick façade and sloping roofs refer to the historic buildings of the city. There project consists of over 230 apartments with areas ranging from 33 to 208 sq.m., 22 retail units and 29 office units.

The estate has also been designed with the use of pro-ecological solutions and is the first residential investment in Poland that will apply for LEED certification. Residential buildings have large balconies and terraces and a number of solutions that allow you to save energy. Lush greenery is an important complement to the architecture