DSV - headqurters


DSV Real Estate Warsaw Sp. z. o.o.

The headquarters of DSV in Poland is an office building, built for the Investor's own needs. The design is distinguished by a spacious atrium with a characteristic curved geometry, running through all floors, joining the office spaces together. The atrium is covered by a skylight with a very large area. Thanks to this, the interior of the building is well lit. Around the atrium there were numerous common areas for work and rest, conducive to integration.

Each floor includes places to eat meals with the possibility of going out to the external terrace. The building is equipped with a canteen and a gym for employees' own use. All these elements have been designed to create a friendly and comfortable work environment.

A strong accent of the interior are bridges thrown through the atrium on each floor.

A similar palette of materials as in other DSV buildings, with white balconies, natural wood and reinforced concrete columns, maintains common architectural aesthetics and strengthens the unique identity of the brand.

The front facade is fully glazed, which provides additional lighting for internal surfaces. This arrangement of the interior of the building causes it to open naturally to the surrounding area.

Outside, the building is encased in characteristic aluminum façade panels, which through their construction reduce direct sunlight and add dynamics to the body.