Lilium Office Tower


Lilium sp. z o.o.

 Project on a plot of land adjacent to the Marriot Hotel at the intersection of Jerozolimskie Avenue and Chałubinski Street. The project involves the demolition of an existing commercial and service building that is an extension of the hotel building base.

A high-rise building (59 usable floors) with a block tapering upwards. The diversity of the contours was created by triangular finials in which winter, green gardens were proposed.

The building consists of three floors of an underground garage on which 460 parking spaces have been designed. The underground entrance can be accessed via the existing ramp located at the Hotel from the side of Emilii Plater Street.

Level -1 is a shopping arcade connected to the underground passage and from there to the platforms of the Central Station. There are also technical and storage rooms as well as an unloading area for the entire retail and offices.

The entrance hall to the building and service premises were designed on the ground floor level.

Above there are office floors and technical spaces on levels 2, 21, 40, 59.