Elektrownia Powiśle Office - B1, B4, B5


Tristan Capital Partners, White Star Real Estate

Buildings B1, B4 and B5, as part of the multifunctional complex at Powiśle Power Plant, are new office buildings located on the premises of the former Powiśle CHP Plant, entered in the register of monuments.

The buildings were designed in accordance with WZiZT guidelines and conservation recommendations as solids establishing the frontage from Zajecza Street and the historical course of Elektryczna Street.

Building B4 was designed in the corner formed between the existing historic buildings D1 and D2. The ground floor of the B4 building continues the service function, integrating with the historic part of the complex. Lowering the building by one storey and withdrawing another, exposes the Southern facade of the historic D1 building.

Building B5 is a separate 24m office building on the corner of Zajecza and Elektryczna Streets. The ground floor can be designated for service premises, available from Zajecza Street. The office space on all floors of both buildings is intended for rent for one or several tenants. Separate, two-story underground car parks with entrances from Elektryczna Street. The steel skeleton, details and divisions of the facades of office buildings directly correspond with the unique facades of neighboring monuments.


The location of the buildings in the unique, historic complex of the Powiśle Power Plant, right next to the metro station and in the vicinity of the Vistula boulevards makes them unique. Both buildings have distinctive facades, referring to the industrial character of historic buildings, while providing users with natural light thanks to floor-to-ceiling glazing and openable windows. In the ground floors of the building, where catering outlets are planned, a system of facades was implemented allowing for complete opening outside in the summer season.

In addition, the B4 building is adjacent to a glazed passage that connects it functionally with historic buildings, where a wide range of services and commerce is provided.

Carefully arranged greenery is implemented around the buildings, public squares are located where various events are planned and a multimedia fountain will be built.

Buildings B4 and B5 due to their location and vicinity of the multifunctional complex at Powiśle Power Plant provide users with the highest comfort, not only during working hours, but also outside of them. The quality of design and technological solutions goes beyond the standards adopted in Poland, and the proximity of other attractions of Powiśle makes them unique on a city scale.