Lviv.Tech.City, UDP (Ukrainian development partners)

The Lviv.Tech.City science park is located on the premises of the old Lvivprylad factory in Lviv. The building is located in close proximity of the city center and borders with a very important urban artery - Stryjska Street.

The site is located in the immediate vicinity of the Stryjski Park and the grounds of the military academy.

The project task began with the implementation of the urban planning concept for the entire area – the site will house mix-use buildings. There will be centers R&D, offices, residential buildings, scientific and cultural facilities. We have created an intense, dense buildings structure that correspond with the existing urban fabric.

Careful attention was given to the organization of space between buildings, which is one of the most important urban elements in this project.

Public realm is a space with a variety of function and character, which, together with the commercial programme located at ground floors, activates and amalgamates all buildings into one urban organism.

Office buildings are located on a bustling street, residential blocks set further on a plot are protected against the noise.

Preserving existing artifacts and greenery will help cultivate an existing spirit of the place.

The investment is under construction.