Wacker Construction Machines


Wacker – Maszyny Budowlane/Highway Construction Plant

Office and warehouse building located in Ożarów Mazowiecki on the corner of Poznanska and Umiastowska streets consists of a two-storey office building with external dimensions 18.35 x 19.10m and a workshop- warehouse hall with dimensions 25.2 m x 44.4 m, levelled in height and combined into one building.

Vehicle access is from Umiastowska street. There are 32 parking spaces for cars and manoeuvring areas for trucks. Along Poznanska Street, a retaining wall was designed with the embankment towards the building, levelling the level of the road with Poznanska Street with the floor level in the hall and the office building.

The externall walls of the office building will be finished with a facade cladding system made of aluminum panels harmonized with a sandwich wall of the workshop-office building. The repeating window element will further emphasize the homogeneity of both buildings. The structures of the office building are posts and panels, while the halls - double-span one-span sheet metal in 7.20 m.