Pepsi Cola International Plant


Wytwórnia Napojów Bezalkoholowych Żródło Pniewy Sp. z o.o.

The plant is a rectangular warehouse building measuring 96.0 m. x 144.0 m., located in Żnin - due to the quality of water pumped up from two deep wells. The plant is surrounded by a parking and manoeuvring yard for trucks.

In the north-west two-storey part of the building, on the ground floor a social room for staff has been positioned, above - offices for employees . The factory can produce approx. 38 million beverage crates per year on three production lines, employing approx. 180 people in three-shift production and 20 office employees.

The structure consists of four-bay frames of I-beam girders with a span of 24 m. The frame spacing in the longitudinal direction every 9 m.

The hall is finished with a trapezoidal sheet coating. Parking lots for 55 cars were located by the social and office part. There is a concierge building at the entrance gate.