Galeria Wilanów



The project comprises two buildings A and B placed on one underground floor, each connected in the garage, under the planned Herbu Szreniawy street. Building A is a typical 3-storey commercial building with a complementary parking function on part of the roof. A green roof is also planned on the top of the building, which interlinks with the restaurant and leisure zone adjacent to the roof.

Internal pedestrian arcades connecting shopping areas with external residential streets are covered with 100% glass roofs ensuring constant access of daylight to the building.

Internal squares were proposed as green spaces surrounded by cafes and restaurants. The building has approximately 200 commercial units, a food court zone as well as a slow food zone. The entertainment part houses an eleven-screen cinema. Building A certified in LEED. Building B is the second stage of the investment, it will complement the commercial offer as well as entertainment.