Diamond Business Park Piaseczno


White Star Real Estate

A warehouse with an office and social space, located in the zone of DBP V with the area of approx. 70500 sqm in Piaseczno, in the vicinity of Fabryczna and 22 Lipca streets. The building is a four-nave hall with a column spacing of 21.5x12 m, suitable for high storage using EUROPALET system and unit packaging, divided into large independent parts (constituting two fire zones with an area of 9197sqm each, with an average height of 10m).

Inside the building, offices with a total area of 1555 m2 were designed and constructed on the mezzanines located along the gable wall (OSE).

Vehicle access to DBP V is positioned from 22 Lipca Street. It is treated as the main entry and exit for trucks and passenger cars. In addition, a railway siding was constructed in the DBP, based on the existing railway network. The warehouse facility is fire protected, air-conditioned and adapted to serve service trucks.