Jerozolimskie 200


Jerozolimskie 200

The location of the plot envisaged for this project became an excuse to search for a dynamic and strong form - the intersection of Lopuszanska Street with al. Jerozolimskie.

The leitmotif of the design is a dark ribbon that meanders through the building's façades, bonds the divided body and connects it to the surroundings, pouring onto the surface around the building. The play of contrasts in this project is crucial. Bold facade colour and glass transparency, emptiness and fullness, opening and closing.

Inspired by modern architectural solutions, definitive shapes and contrast, the J200 project was created. The form and shape of the building offers simple solutions and ease of use of the building. The building volume was divided into 2 parts served by individual cores. Between them there is a 2-story hall, which is an attractive entrance area to the building.

Thanks to solutions used in various elements of the building, it is possible to maximize the use of light, reduce heat gains, give a strong character to the form and make it stand out in the surroundings. The entrance area is clearly distinguished in the mass of the building, being a strong accent in the ground floor.

There are two main entrances to the office part of the building. In the future, the entrance from Lopuszanska Street can be treated as a pedestrian crossing for people walking from the intersection or the bus stop.