White Gardens


Partners: White Star Real Estate, AIG Lincoln, Coalco Development

The White Gardens office complex is a first class A office complex consisting of two independent buildings: A – 16 storeys, B – 12 storeys; five floors of an underground car park houses 960 parking spaces. 65,000m2 of offices was designed as a multi-level cascade consisting of 18 terrace gardens that can be designed separately according to the tenant's preferences and wishes. A roofed shopping arcade runs between the buildings along which are numerous restaurants, bars and cafes. Additional trade and commercial spaces are located at ground level. White Gardens and its sister project White Square form the first urban plan in Moscow, located next to the Beloruskaya metro station. This location provides very convenient access to the White and Square Gardens and to Moscow airports.

This complex offers: tenant identification oriented concept, designed surroundings of buildings (also terraces gardens designed for individual clients / tenants), trade and commercial spaces at the ground floor for the largest and known tenants and guests, the world-renowned property owner AIG / Lincoln / Coalco , parking space ratio 1:65, AIG / Lincoln professional property management, minimum 2.80m headroom (floor-ceiling), raised floors and suspended ceilings, plenty of daylight obtained by using floor to ceiling glazing, efficient and flexible floor plan arrangement, double power supply source and space for additional generators.