PBK Bank

The first stage of the investment was the extension and modernization of the building after the former Rosa Luxemburg Works, involving the construction of three floors and the construction of a large training and confectionery room. Production rooms were transformed into offices.

From the outside, the building received a new facade - a glass curtain wall with spatial elements made of alucobond.

The colors are kept in the PBK company colors.

The building became the headqurters of the Management Board of Powszechny Bank Kredytowy. It housed individual departments of the Bank's headquarters, brokerage department, IT center and a large cafeteria for employees on the ground floor.

The Building Hall was arranged in such a way that art exhibitions could take place there.


The second stage was the reconstruction of the existing pavilion on the front for the needs of the Operating Branch and the Bank's brokerage office.

An operating room, private banking rooms, a safe and offices on the 1st floor were created there.


The sizes of the buildings are

Headquarters - 14,000 m2 the total

Brokerage Department - 2700 m2 area the total