Vi Holding

A newly emerging district of Moscow. Areas revitalized after the former Tushino military airport. The investment area is limited by expressways that provide access to the city center or exit in any direction.

A subway line nowadays bringing fans to the Spartak stadium, which is located near the planned area.

The first stage of the project is a complex of 13 office buildings:

Ten buildings of 4-5 floors, two buildings of 10 floors and one high-rise building with a height of 100m and 21 floors.

Further stages of the project include the expansion of the office quarter by another 8 buildings and the construction of a residential district, which will stretch to the banks of the Moscow River which is the Southern boundary of the foundation.


The area of ​​the 1st stage was designed based on the idea of office park. All road traffic and commuting to individual buildings and to the common underground car park (2,000 parking spaces) were located along the perimeter of the investment, and the space and central plan between the buildings was designed in a formal park offering not only greenery, relaxation places or cafe gardens where you can come for lunch but also a bike paths, amphitheater or a place for outdoor games.


The urban design assumed building a high-rise building along with a large Expo Hall. Lower buildings were designed around the Expo Hall, creating a gradation of common spaces from the representative avenue through the main square to intimate spaces around the lower buildings.


The projection of the high-rise building was proposed in the shape of three folded airplane wings. The building block created this way, rising upwards, takes on nice rounded shapes attractively shining the light at any time of the day. The size of the solid of each level also varies. In total, the high-rise building has 37 400 sq m of usable floor space.


The ground floor of the building is a classic arrangement of entrances and access to communication divisions as well as connection to the Exhibition building.

Floor plans of the lowest buildings are designed in the H shape offering effective floor plans for any office arrangement. The ground floor is a classic entrance hall and VIP hall as well as a separate technical part of the building. Each has a café for employees and tenants' offices.

There were also two buildings with a 10-story height with a classic, original projection designed, forming a kind of entrance gate to the main avenue and connecting to the second office stage.

The whole project is 179 280 m2 of leasable area.