Port Praski „Latarnia”


Port Praski Inwestycje Sp. z o.o.

The investment area is an irregular polygon with dimensions of about 100m by 30m and an area of 2665m2. It is located in North Praga district, at the junction of two different urban tissues - the historical compact frontage of Old Praga and the comb system of residential blocks along the Vistula. On the Southern side the Monument Kosciuszkowcy is adjacent to the area.

The plot is strongly exposed from both sides of the Szczecin Coast which was the main starting point for architectural and urban considerations for the project.



The main idea of the project is to create a dominant at the "entrance" to the Praga Port. The designed building is to become a showcase of the entire Investment. It will be a lighthouse inviting you to enter the Praga Port and a characteristic element on the right-bank map of Warsaw.



The first step was to define the outline of the ground floor and shape the single-storey "plateau" with its outline referring to the main highly visible directions in the vicinity of the plot - from the North the barrier is Okrzei Street, and from the South the Monument of Kosciuszkowcy.

Then a dominant was created in the form of a tower growing out of the plateau. Dominant has been located on the edge of the plot so that it is most exposed from the side of the Szczecin Coast. The tower was twisted relative to Okrzei Street referring to the direction of the Monument of Kosciuszkowcy. This treatment adds its dynamic character.

The whole complex is completed by an L-shaped building located on a plateau and in its direction calmly referring to the frontage of Okrzei Street.



The building is located outside the historical quarter of Praga District. When designing architecture, modern forms of expression were combined with traditional materials (clinker, sandstone) in modern proportions. Great attention was paid to the consistent continuation of the idea of ​​dividing the plateau plus tower and the "L" building.

The division of the body into two parts - the tower and the L building and the cut between them creates two facade fronts, opening additional views of the Vistula, Center, National Stadium, Swiętokrzyski Bridge and the Old Town. These fronts are heavily glazed maximizing views from the interiors of the most prestigious apartments. The tower has spacious corner balconies from the most attractive views. Balconies are protected from noise by glass acoustic panels. Corner facade of the tower from Okrzei Street has "glass boxes" that provide acoustic protection for apartments. Traditional facade materials (clinker tiles, sandstone) harmonize with modern architectural elements (large glass panes, glass balustrades, metal details).



The roof of the plateau was designed in the form of a green garden with trees on hills, tall decorative grass and elements of small architecture in the form of wooden terraces, garden lighting and benches. It is a private zone for residents. There is a possibility of separating gardens for apartments on the lowest level.



The façades of the buildings have been finished with precious materials. They emphasize the prestigious location of the "port entrance" and are also durable, aesthetic and easy to maintain. The tower building was clad with clinker tiles with modern elongated proportions in shades of brown. The facade of the "L" building is made of gray-white sandstone. In order to break the monotony of the block's form and obtain an interesting architectural expression, metal C-shaped profiles were incorporated into the facades as a decorative element. The common theme for both blocks are elements of the wood-like facade - finishing the balconies and the upper floor of the "L" building. Balustrades are designed as light glazing to emphasize the modernity and lightness of the building. Wooden-aluminum joinery was designed in natural color, while the tower building uses g raphite from the outside.