Porcie Praski - ul. Krowia


Port Praski Inwestycje Sp. z o.o.

Port II is a building quarter of residential and commercial buildings located in the area of Port Praski in the heart of Old Praga in Warsaw.

Architectural context of buildings in Praga district, in where the historical buildings prevails, together with the site location adjacent to Wybrzeze Szczecinskie street, set the main design principle of the project. The main idea of an architectural design is creation of buildings corresponding to human,urban scale, avoiding the "housing estate" character of buildings.

The quarter block was divided into a variety of separate buildings. Each of them differs from one another in terms of height, facade materials and architectural language, thus, the large quarter of buildings was reduced to a human, urban scale, creating valuable diversity of buildings.

Entry gates to the buildings are a characteristic element of the historical buildings of Praga. Inspired by them, it has been proposed a contemporary vision of the Prague Gate. Finished with wood, it leads by wide stairs to the elevated internal courtyard.

Each building has its own individual character and independent functional arrangement with its own staircase and entrance directly from the street. The building combines modern architectural solutions, with reference to traditional materials such as brick or sandstone.

The contemporary facades refer to the frontage of old buildings, characteristic to the Warsaw Old Prague. They present modern features in the form of large glazing, French windows and new technical solutions.

Buildings along Kosciuszkowski monument have more subtle and classic facades, defining the boundary of the monument piazza.

Other building adjacent to Okrzei street are more bold and modern in their architectural style.

Traditional facade materials harmonize with modern architectural elements such as large glass panes, glazed balustrades, and steel details.