City Quarter



City Quarter is a project of a unique location on the map of Moscow.

It occupies the grounds of the former sugar factory - the vicinity of the Moscow River and the business center  "Moscow City" - a complex of high-rise buildings – this area gives the opportunity to create another characteristic point in the city.

During the  design process we kept in mind the principle of maintaining the factory character of the buildings, simultaneously referring to large metropolises such as New York, with its characteristic Central Park, while applying quarterly building plans known to us from Europe, respecting human scale.

City Quarter is a building complex that combines residential, commercial functions as well as recreational and cultural.

The attractive location of the site in the proximity of the park, almost imposed the designing process around and with respect to the green areas.

The main axis of the design crosses the building complex in its center and leads to the square where the school was located.

The representative square amalgamates residential, commercial, cultural and educational zones with recreational areas - park greenery interlaced with water reservoirs.

Along main axis, two historic buildings will be refurbished to enrich the entire composition.

The building quarters were designed as open with internal courtyards.

In between the green area, small architecture forms and commercial premises and cafes located in ground floor, there is public realm that allows for social life of the local community.

Attention to the diversity of architectural details, facade divisions, dynamics of building heights within each building quarter creates a human-friendly environment allowing identification with the space.

The multi-functionality of the designed space, connection of park areas to other parts of the city and good public transport communication, add value and make the project attractive.