Szafirowa Aleja



The Szafirowa Aleja housing estate is a secluded residentail estate located at Skarbka z Gor Street in Warsaw's Białoleka district.

The newly rebuilt transport junctions: Trasa Torunska, Głebocka, Nowowincentego and the extension of a second metro line will enable easy commuting and shorten travelling outside the city.

In the immediate vicinity of the estate there are plenty of bus stops and dynamically growing educational facilities: nurseries, kindergartens and schools.

The estate compromises  thirteen residential buildings with a wide range of accommodation layouts, ranging from 35 to 95 square meters.

At the entrance gate to the estate commercial unit has been placed.

Parking spaces have been located at the underground floor together with storage rooms.

The apartments have a balcony or terrace with the option of a garden (apartments located on the ground floor of the buildings).
The public space between the buildings was carefully designed, including garden with numerous alleys, small architectural forms, a pond and a children's playground.
The space planning sets around thirteen repetitive buildings, shaped in accordance with the principles of sunlight and shading.

The buildings were arranged in a checkered like pattern.

This arrangement allows for greater distances between buildings, thus providing greater comfort and privacy to residents. In addition, some of the buildings have been rotated relative to each other.

This exercise gives dynamics to the whole composition and creates an interesting perspective on the scale of residential alleys and on the street scale.

The buildings were designed as city villas - with a central staircase and elevator, illuminated by roof windows arranged in a hip roof.

The building blocks consist of three and a half floors. The top one with the recessed façade is surrounded by vast terrace.This design trick allowed to obtain a human-friendly scale of the building.