Hewlett Packard


Hewlett Packard


In 2002, we began working with Hewlett Packard. In the office building in Warsaw we have arranged several floors as open space plans. It was a new standard of the office. In addition to the general space, there were separate places for employees, such as e-clubs, conference rooms, reception area, telephone booths, rest rooms.


The building of the pre-war Renoma department store is a pearl of the architecture of old Wrocław. In 2006, the entire building underwent renovation, maintaining the commercial function on the first few floors. Offices were located on the upper floors, including for Hewlett Packard. The subject of our arrangement were two floors of offices. Open space interiors were implemented, which allowed to maintain the pre-war character of the building. Several rooms were arranged in a special way (conference rooms, e-clubs), the existing atria were also preserved.