Boutique Praski Hotel


Port Praski Nowe Inwestycje Sp. z o.o.

The hotel building comprises a restored and rebuilt 19th-century Minter's mansion - one of the oldest listed building on the right bank of Warsaw - and a newly designed building constituting an architectural frame and complement for it.

The hunt for a connection between the historical and modern character of the investment is also reflected in the interior design, which consists of: hall rooms, entrance hall, ballroom, conservatory, SPA, fitness room, conference rooms, bar, restaurant, cafe and garden.

Contemporary design, simplification of forms, subtle colours and patterns, and a rich selection of fabrics, vivid colour accents, decorativeness - elegance understood today invokes design of affluent middle-class interiors of the late 19th century.

Referring to the activities of the first owner of the building - Karol Juliusz Minter, a well-known Warsaw producer of metal artistic castings - brass details are one of the guiding elements. Decorative objects also appear in common spaces: sculptures - iron castings, tin dishes and reminding the fate of the building: enamelled dishes.

Another element permeating all interiors is the graphic, geometric motif from the facade of the new building. Present in the drawing of veneers, upholstery and handles, it visually joins the interiors and becomes the hallmark of the project.

The blue colour accompanying hotel rooms, wood and the use of plants as an important element of arrangement brings to mind the closeness of nature, the river and the Prague Port.

The high standard of finishes, careful selection of equipment, original designs of details create spaces with a timeless value.