Skyliner is an office and service building intended for rent. The main entrance to the building has been placed from Prosta Street and from the passage, at line II Metro Station.

The high-rise building (30 office floors) is placed on a podium housing 4 commercial floors, which will be accessible to both tenants and residents of Warsaw. The building has 5 underground garage floors.

Due to the prestigious location at Rondo Daszyński, i.e. within the new business center of Warsaw, and the modern form of the building, the interiors inside it were also designed as modern, elegant, minimal, as well as referring to the design and details of building's exterior architecture.

The four-storey, fully glazed lobby of the building amalgamates with the piazza and becomes public space with a multi-functional character.

An important element of the lobby space are the Spanish steps, thanks to which the lobby can become, depending on the needs, a cafe, a place for a fashion show, an auditorium for a theatrical event, a cinema show or an art gallery.

Other elements characteristic of the skyscraper's representative part are columns 16 meters high and a vertical  concrete reliefs on the walls - referring to the element of the external facade - fins.

A high standard of finishes, careful selection of equipment, modern technical solutions, unique design of details create spaces with a timeless value and clearly organize the division of space into individual functions.