Arkońska Business Park


TORUS Sp. z o.o.

The project consists of five office buildings and one hotel. The site is based on a common circular layout, accessible from 3 roads: Arkonska, Slaska, and Leborska, which gives easy access from all directions. Stage 1 is the construction of two office buildings with a shared underground car park.

The buildings are designed as a combination of glass facades and solid brick walls. The ground floors are recessed at the entrance area, and enhanced with a beautifully-detailed, colored, glass canopy, integrated and continuing into the elevation.

The scheme of each building is similar, but no two buildings are the same which increases the attractiveness of the whole composition.

The buildings have been designed as rentable office space. Flexibility combined with high quality technical infrastructure provides a modern, class-A office which can be arranged in any combination - open-plan, divided rooms or both.