Business Garden Wrocław


Landprop Services I Sp. z o.o.

The main idea was to design a friendly, comfortable and efficient working environment at Mikołajski Hill. The idea was to create a large garden in the central part of the area and to locate an office and retail buildings around it. Vehicle access is designed around the perimeter of the complex to bring as little inconvenience as possible to the pedestrians and cyclists residing in the "Business Garden". The central point of the garden is a restaurant pavilion and adjacent recreational and sports areas. The object which emphasizes the presence of the "Business Garden" is a tall hotel building located along the Legnicka Street. All facilities have been designed and exhibited with a consideration of the significant openings of the scenic surroundings (from Legnicka Street, from the Mikolajow Station, from Jaworska Street). The main entrances to the buildings have been carefully designed and it has been ensured to keep the significant pedestrian and bicycle connections to integrate the whole of the design with nearby urban planning.

Systems of saving water and energy, control of the internal environment and carefully selected building finishes meet the objectives of sustainable development and environmental compliance with LEED certification.