Alchemia III - ARGON


Torus Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Alchemia Building III is part of a larger Alchemia development divided into four stages. The composition of the entire group is made up of office "towers" set on a horizontal base, where the ground floor entrance to the office halls, services, cafes, etc., and two levels of above ground parking spaces.
All Alchemia buildings are located along Grunwaldzka street allowing for the creation of frontage and emphasizing the urban character with a distinct composition dominant in the corner of the building at the intersection of Grunwaldzka and Kołobrzeska. The dominant feature is a fully glazed corner of withdrawn reinforced concrete designed for maximum lightness. In addition, the glazed corner will be lit after dark the entire height, creating a clear and highly visible culmination of the Alchemia complex.
Alchemia Office Building III was designed as a fourteen floor class A office building with a total typical floor area of office space of about 3,500 square meters. The shape of the letter H was chosen as the most versatile for the size of the building. It provides a large office space on one floor while allowing for flexibility in the division for smaller tenants. The office space is well lit with natural light which makes for a very diverse arrangement of space.
The three story height of the lower portion of the building takes the form of a cubic solid or podium, drawing its shape and facade materials (such as ceramic profiles) from stages I and II.
The ground floor will house the entrance hall of the office services, with a total area of about 2 thousandm2 with entrances to the garage and other technical facilities.
The Garage will be located on two levels including underground (-1,0) and on two levels above-ground (1, 2).
Between Alchemia Buildings III and IV is designed a pedestrian walkway located on the ground floor between the two phases of the project. The passage has become an integral part of the whole development of the Alchemia complex. Thanks to its location on the pathway out of the tunnel providing access to the SKM train platform, the pedestrian walkway will be used by both tenants of the Alchemia office complex, and by students of the University of Gdansk, for which the passage is not only a "shortcut" on the way to the university, but also an interesting stop along the way. The passage will include benches, greenery, and a small tree. There will also be the possibility of adding tables for the adjacent cafes.