Equator II


Zenith Real Sp.z o.o.

Equator II is an office building, the second of a planned, urban complex of four buildings along Jerozolimskie Avenue in Warsaw. One of the design team’s main goals was to sustain a uniform character to the new developments on the north side of Jerozolimskie Avenue, while also proposing unique solutions for each of the buildings. Equator II uses similar space planning solutions to those used in Equator I (Author: Tadeusz Spychała; Tender and construction projects: APA Wojciechowski). The building was designed as a 15-storey block, consisting of a lower part of 8.32m high, an office part of 53.1 m high and additional technical floors, set-back, up to 61.14 m high). The main entrance to the building is located to the South, on the Jerozolimskie Avenue side. Car access to the building is located to the east side, from an existing entry and access road along Jerozolimskie Avenue. There is a 3-storey, underground car park with an entry and exit to the South.