Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości


Gmina Miasta Gdanska

Inkubator Przedsiebiorczości is an office building with training & conference facilities. The building consists of 5 and 3-level sections which share a common underground car park. The building is accessible from Leborska street.

The higher part of the building is a combination of glass facades and solid brick walls. The lower part of the façade is fully glass.

The ground floors are recessed at the entrance area and marked with a beautifully detailed, coloured, glass canopy.

The line of colourful glass continues in the entrance hall and the higher part of the 3-level section’s elevation.

The building is designed as rentable office space. Flexibility combined with high-quality, technical infrastructure enables this modern class-A office to be arranged in any combination of open-plan and/or divided rooms.