Shiraz Estate Gardens



An interesting complex design of 15, small, 4-storey blocks of flats, all connected by one, common underground car park with 60 cm of natural soil on its roof, allowing for a good planting arrangement on top.

Such design ideas eliminate all car traffic between the blocks and from the main walkway of the estate and supplied an ample number of parking spaces for each family in a large, common underground car park. Beautiful green areas surround the buildings which are set out in a garden. The main walkway can only be accessed by emergency vehicles of the Police, Ambulance or Fire Brigade.

All the buildings have roomy lifts, which link all levels of the estate and ensure easy access for the disabled. There is a security system, which controls all entries to the estate and buildings. To provide a more relaxing atmosphere for the inhabitants, a special swimming pool and fitness club is located in a separated part of the car park.