Hotel Port Praski


Port Praski Inwestycje sp. Z o.o.

The proposed project is a hotel building, located in the Port Praski at ul. Sierakowski 4, partly in a former nineteenth century Minter's tenement building.

This listed building is to be revamped - it represents one of the few surviving buildings - an element of the group of oldest buildings constructed at the right bank of Warsaw, depicted in the iconography of the district.

Careful considerations have been taken into account to keep the proportions of the building in the context of the street, maintaining facade of the building in a renovated form, as well as, original features and internal divisions.

Majority of hotel rooms have been located in the newly designed block, which surrounds the historic school building.

The guiding principle of the new design, is to create modern and minimalist building volume, which surrounds the listed building.

The new object will complement to, and not compete with, the existing tenement building; it will also be of a high standard architecture.

The unique spatial elements, eg. two-storey auditorium, which is a remnant of the former male high school, will be integrated into the hotel and used as needed.

The main circulation routes and the existing staircase, will be continued to use.

New atrium will form a central element of the project, it will join the new building with the old one.

Attic of the school at the inner atrium will be organized in the form of open space - with exposed timber structure of the roof truss, covered by skylight; common spaces for guests will be provided there.

The newly designed part of the hotel is set on a high, glazed plinth of the ground floor, so as volume and facades of the listed building, will still be visible from the perspective of a passerby from the street, as well as from the courtyard of the adjacent building.

The new building mass corresponds to the neighboring buildings volume. Roof slopes refer to the existing ones on listed building.