Torus Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

The complex of Alchemia II buildings is the 2nd stage from a 4-stage project. The entire complex is located along the most important thoroughfare of the Tri-City. From the other side, the buildings are flanked by a railway line. The total area of ​​Alchemia II is 52 185sqm, and the usable area 46 562sqm. Thanks to its great location, the nearly 400 people who work here efficiently get to work. Just at the height of Alchemia is the SKM Gdansk Przymorze stop, which proximity greatly simplifies access to the investment, and the Strzyza Metropolitan Railway stop, 1 km away, allows you to reach Alchemia from the airport and other satellite cities of the Tri-City. Once an unused area of ​​land wedged between Aleja Grunwaldzka and the railroad became, thanks to Alchemia, a living quarter where people work and rest. In Alchemy I in addition to the office space you can find: a swimming pool, climbing wall, fitness center, restaurant, and in Alchemia II a medical center. Alchemia II is a building with a brick 4-storey podium. Above it there are two towers with a light glass facade. The upper floors offer an overwhelming view of the Tri-City and the Gulf of Gdansk, and from the west, the forests and hills of the Tri-City Landscape Park. The towers have 10 and 12 floors, with an additional technical floor hidden on the roof. On the roof of the podium, between the towers, a garden was established, which is used by building users. We tried, in the face of numerous restrictions arising from the plot and customer requirements, to create an elegant, functional, ergonomic and friendly building, both for tenants and direct users. Alchemia II received the LEED Platinium certificate.