Oakland Park


Quinlan Private Golub Sp. Z o.o.

Oakland Park housing estate is located in the Piaseczno district on a plot of 70.5 ha. The picturesque location of the area, on both sides of Starochylicka Street, is complemented by the Jeziorka River together with the surrounding meadows and forest greenery. Over 32 ha were intended for residential buildings, while the remaining part of the area is to remain green with recreational functions.

The urban design is a response to the natural conditions of the existing landscape - design intents to maintain the maximum green areas.

Urban plan has been based on the organic forms inspired by the shapes of the coastline of Jeziorka and the existing forest. Compositional axes join the areas in terms of functionality and views.

The estate layout brings the diversity of buildings and functions: detached two-storey residencies, one-storey and semi-detached houses, parks, commercial centres, recreation area with facilities for people playing golf, fishing, riding on horseback, cyclists and extensive facilities for practicing other sport disciplines.

The whole area is divided into three zones of housing complexes.

The road communication system is based on the scheme set out by the local zoning plan. Each of the building complexes has one controlled entrance to the estate. The designed access roads ensure comfortable access to each residence.

All commercial and recreational buildings are designed as clustered along the main road - Starochylicka Street. At the western border of the plot a recreational complex with a horse stud, a small restaurant serving club members and a golf club connected to the park areas have been located. In the central part of the area there are recreational facilities: fishing academy, sun terraces, restaurant, billiard club. At the eastern border of the area a pedestrian walkway links commercial facilities with a park. All commercial facilities have been equipped with parking spaces intended for users. Guest parking is located in the central zone at the entrance to the estate.

Recreation areas have been designed within the boundaries set by the local zoning plan. Each of the building complexes has access to parkland with extensive leisure features tennis courts, team games, mini golf, cricket, children's playgrounds. The whole area is interlocked with a system of pedestrian walkways, cycling routes and paths designated for horseback riding. Areas along pedestrian paths and streets are planted with row of trees. Entrances to the housing estate were underlined by small piazzas within which checkpoints were located. From the side of Starochylicka Street, rows of greenery were designed to form a buffer separating the building zone from the traffic noise.

The buildings were laid out in accordance with the principle of space gradation. Along traffic zones terraced houses are positioned, in the centre - larger houses of two-storey height, on areas bordering park - detached residences on large plots.

To sum up, the area was divided into 143 building plots of medium sizes between 1500-2500 m2. The average house area measures approximately 300 m2. So far, buildings in the area of Project No. 1 have been implemented.