Skyliner is an office and service building intended for rent. The main entrance to the building has been placed from Prosta Street and from the passage. The building has 5 underground garage floors. The location of the building provides an excellent access by public transport. The close location of bus and subway stops provide connections in all directions. The high-rise building is founded on a podium that connects to the planned building of Stage II of the investment. Podium of varying heights from 9,5 to 16,5m protruding beyond the outline of the high-rise building towards the South. New high-rise buildings will balance spatial relationships within the entire existing and planned development complex, taking into account the spatial and functional context of this location. Due to the location in the city center and due to the representative nature of the downtown area, service floors will be arranged taking into account their high quality and availability, finishing materials used and spatial solutions throughout the building with high aesthetic and functional standards. There are technical rooms at the garage level serving the building and 443 car park spaces. On the ground floor there are many functions enabling efficient and comfortable use of the building for people working in it as well as for pedestrians and users of the commercial part located in the building base.