Alchemia IV - NEON


Torus Sp. z o.o.

Neon, the last stage of the Alchemia office complex in Gdańsk, is to constitute a compositional and functional closure of the entire investment. It is located between the two previous stages and the third stage completed in 2017, the Argon building - the largest and most prestigiously located element of the entire frontage, located at the intersection of major city thoroughfares. Thus, the Neon was supposed to be a building visually giving way to Argon, complementing the urban layout evolving over the years.

The office building's dimensions and shape refer to Argon. 11 office floors have been designed on the projection of the letter 'H' and erected on a common 3-storey 'pedestal', which consists of a ground floor for public services and 2 floors of an overground car park. However, the Neon differs in its internal layout: there are two cores instead of one large core in the central part of the building, which is a nod to smaller tenants, for whom such arrangement is easier to arrange. Neon is 33 590sqm of office lease area and 1550 sqm of commercial area.

The commercial premises on the ground floor provide a spatial framework for the public passage designed at the exit from the Fast City Rail platform, between Alchemia III and IV. The façade uses natural materials that are pleasant to see for pedestrians - longitudinal ceramic profiles and fiber-cement plates in the back of the building. Large glazing is designed to fully open the ground floor to the public spaces surrounding the buildings. From the side of Grunwald Avenue will continue columnar arc leading along the main entrances to the buildings.

The higher, office floors of Neon were designed as a continuation of stages I and II, with characteristic "ties" - vertical elements made of perforated sheet, with a different color for each of the towers of the complex, which are designed to facilitate orientation in the area. Such a decision was to emphasize the rhythm of the entire frontage, stretching between the railway tracks and Grunwald Avenue.

The colors of Neon ties will be taken from the colors of the basic materials used on the building - the blue shade of glass and the natural color of the ceramic 'baguettes'. This choice symbolically also shows the architectural idea for the final stage of the complex: the goal is to tactfully enter it into a dynamic context rather than to introduce new means of expression.

The building received pre-certification in the LEED system at the highest level, Platinum. This means that a number of stringent requirements have been met in the design process, which makes the building environmentally and user friendly throughout its entire lifecycle.