UNIT.City, UDP (Ukrainian development partners)

Unit.City is an innovative science park that is located on the premises of a motorcycle factory in the Ukrainian capital. The proposed development is located near the city center. The project will be within easy reach of  Zulyany Airport - 30-minute drive - Lukjaniwski Park is in close proximity and Kiev University of Technology at a distance of 2.5 km.

The project task began with the implementation of the urban planning concept for the entire area of the post-industrial district. The urban regeneration area covers 24 ha, where mix-use buildings will be located. There will be office buildings with commercial premises, laboratories, residential buildings, an university and a school.

Our proposal aims to design a building complex enabling the development of modern technologies. The proposed investment will be a friendly haven for start-ups and co-working spaces. In the immediate vicinity of office buildings, there will be residential quarters with various facilities. The new buildings will correspond with the surroundings of the historic, post-industrial district of Kiev.

When designing such a large area of the city, it was crucial to think how to become a part of the social, cultural, economic and urban context. Unit. City - a polycentric urban layout and an ecosystem that offers variety of interactions between its users. Identity, diversity, eco-friendliness and flexibility are the main principles we followed while working on the project.

UNIT will be a multifunctional complex that will connect the zones BUSINESS, LIFE, INNOVATION, LIFE, EDUCATION.

The public space and landscape between the buildings of the complex are a vital spatial element. EVENT PLAZA, CULTURAL PLAZA, BUSSINESS PLAZA, INNOVATION PLAZA, CENTRAL PARK are the keystone spaces of individual zones, combining, they form the backbone of the project.

The investment is under construction. Three office buildings and EVENT PLAZA are being built as the heart of the complex.