Dobra 32


Powiśle BJK sp.z o.o. sp.k.

The residential building is located at the heart of Powiśle urban regeneration plan, which has been going on for several years.

This location obliges.

We aimed to create a building that is expressive, but also in line with the surroundings of the place - establishing a dialogue with the existing, partly industrial architecture of Powiśle - at the same time designing the building as modern and unique.

One of the inspirations that accompanied us from the start of the design process was the crystal structure.

Whole glazed facade is recessed, balconies obtain an additional external cladding in the form of fixed and sliding, perforated panels, protecting against excessive sun and overheating.

The building mass was divided into 3 elements with a distinct character: a recessed ground floor illuminated from the inside, multiply floors, a composition formed by sliding panels and a three-dimensional perforated canopy structure hovering over them.

Due to the site constrains, the underground car park was designed using several technologically advanced solutions, including a car lift, robots of multiparking type and parking platforms.