Port Praski ul. Sierakowskiego


Port Praski Inwestycje Sp. z o.o. S.K.A.


The main idea of architectural design is a continuation of the historical method of creating building quarters in urban spatial systems. The building combines modern architectural solutions, with reference to the frontage located buildings, characteristic to the Warsaw Old Prague.

The property is part of the project related to the planning of right-bank center of Warsaw. It will act as an entrance gate leading to a modern space of Port Praski.


Apartment building, with services on the ground floor and office space, varies in height – between 4 and 7 floors – with two underground levels of parking.

Floor plan is stretched on the polygon plan, has an internal courtyard open to the northwest, in the direction of Okrzei street.


Facades have been designed in a special way, with attention to details. Designers have proposed optic breakdown of the long façade along the Sierakowskiego street into modules -"residential buildings" that will stand out by means of finish materials, while maintaining similar volumes and the facade recesses on the top level.


Following materials have been used on the external facades:

  • clinker brick in brown colour, stone on the ground floor and glass cladding at  6th level of building 1
  • stone - building 2
  • decorative plaster and stone on the ground floor - building 3
  • clinker tiles in natural colour and Rheinzing sheet cladding at 5th level of building 4
  • decorative elements made of lacquered steel sections
  •  large French windows
  • glass balustrades in ‘invisible’ system
  • decorative, aluminum window frames
  • aluminum curtain walls with structural glazing.


The main entrance to the residential zone is located at Sierakowskiego street. Staircases are directly communicated with the inner court. One of the staircases give access to office premises. The vehicle gate to the two-storey underground garage is located at Sierakowskiego street.


The apartments are equipped with spacious balconies opening to the private green courtyard. The most prestigious residential premises, located in the round corners of the building, have large glazed windows and loggias delivering a view on the Park Praski - Basin of the Port Praski. The advantage of the apartments on the top floor, is the possibility of an additional level in the form of a mezzanine, with living rooms two storeys high. Apartments with spacious green terraces are also offered. Apartments are designed in a flexible manner - there is a possibility of various arrangement of space. There is also an option enabling joining of neighboring residential units.