Echo Invesment

RE: SET housing estate consists of a complex of multifamily housing buildings thought as urban villas, designed in the midst of intense greenery and recreational squares. The housing complex is being built in the buisiest part of Warsaw's Mokotów district. The buildings are located in the central part of the plot. They are surrounded by office buildings and a hotel. Thanks to which they have been isolated from the busy streets of Marynarska and Cybernetics, as well as from the city noise. The main assumption of the project is to enter the buildings into the chessboard plan, thanks to which the layout of the buildings inside the complex creates abundant green squares that provide residents with relaxation and rest after work. Each courtyard is dedicated to different activities. A social zone was designed with picnic tables, a recreation area with a recreational field and comfortable seats. The zone of the social garden consists of flower pots with plantings of herbs and vegetables. The playground zone and sports zone are places for sporting activities of both young and adult residents. On these squares you can use a climbing wall, pitches or a bull ring.

The whole is complemented by an entrance square and carefully designed greenery. In the first stage, three urban villas with sculptured façades will be constructed, which refer to the development of the area. In designed buildings shaped as a cubes, the chessboard layout will be extracted by alternating the arrangement of loggias, balconies and terraces, which are highlighted with graphite color. The apartments located on the ground floor will include the condominium gardens included in the rich arrangement of greenery on the plot. The layout of the villa in the second stage will be completed with another four objects. Two buildings, located in the inner part of the plot, will have a form analogous to the buildings of the first stage. The investment will be closed by two more buildings located on the side of Taśmowa Street. In addition to the cube, the buildings were extended to create an urban frontage and to emphasize the zone of entry into the estate. From the street side, services located on the ground floor will be available.

In summary, the assumption will consist of seven residential buildings. Five of them, with a square plan - visually repeatable solids with one centrally located staircase. The next two are larger and will be supported by 3 frames. The entrances are located from the inner courtyards. Each building will be serviced by a lift adapted for the disabled. The larger buildings are varied in terms of height, however, none of the buildings designed on the residential plot exceed 22.65 m.

The complex will consist of 416 apartments with the majority of medium-sized dwellings. A structure was obtained in which M2 type dwellings account for 70% of investment, whereas M3 type - 25%. The apartments are designed as one-sided and two-sided, assuming that each of them has a loggia or balcony.