Kamionkowska 32 (headquarters of APA Wojciechowski)


G205 nieruchomosci sp. z o.o. sp. k.

Part of the Praga 306 building complex is the building marked with no 205 in archival documents. It’s located at the intersection of Kamionkowska and Gocławska streets. The object has a characteristic crescent roof, also visible from the street level. Originally, its construction was wooden, but not in a sufficiently good condition to keep it, guaranteeing safety to future users of the building. Therefore, during the construction works, the old roof was dismantled and the barrel version was reconstructed as a steel structure.

Originally, vertical communication in this object was based on a staircase located in a neighboring facility, which is why one of the basic changes we introduced was the construction of the communication shaft with the toilet complex - constituting the main backbone of the building.

Glass, concrete and steel are the three basic materials that shape the character of interiors at Kamionkowska 32 Street. Starting from the ground floor of conference and reception, where a large number of glazing allows you to bring light to this slightly recessed floor, through a concrete staircase that forms a strong element in the whole interior, finishing on the last - third - office floor, with visible from inside the steel structure of the cradle roof and skylights.

The interior of the office is decorated with dense greenery which has a positive effect on well-being of users of this interior, improves the microclimate and is of great aesthetic importance.