Torus Sp. z o.o.

Officyna was created in the frontage of Grunwaldzka Avenue in Wrzeszcz - district of Gdańsk. The headquarters of the Chemia company was located there until 2011, and the building materials wholesaler was operating on the ground floor.

A few years ago, Investor - the Torus company - bought a plot of land with the building. At the beginning, such a thorough revitalization was not planned. The existing façade of the old building was renovated and attempts were made to adapt it to the offices. However, the construction of Chemia (building from 1955) did not meet the standards of a modern office building. It was decided to demolish the old buildings and in their place to build a modern office complex consisting of 2 buildings: Stage 1 (Officyna 1) on Grunwaldzka Street and Stage 2 (Officyna 2) acceced from the yard.

The implementation of the investment required the use of special construction techniques aimed at strengthening the land and securing directly adjacent tenement houses. 300 piles and 80 micropiles were used to reinforce the ground under the building. In order to secure the excavation with a volume of 5,000 cubic meters, 220 piles were driven in. 5200 cubic metres of concrete and nearly 670 tons of steel were used to prepare the construction of the building.

The office building has 5 floors. On the ground floor, service premises, available independently from the Grunwaldzka Avenue and the building's lobby. There will be offices on 1-4 floors. The element distinguishing the building is the terrace on the 4th floor. Storey no5 is a technical part of the building. Officina has 20 parking spaces located in the underground garage and several dozen parking spaces above ground. The facility is equipped with changing rooms for cyclists and racks for bicycles.

We have 4500sqm of leasable area in the building, including approx. 3700sqm of commercial space. The investment is certified in the LEED system, i.e. guarantees the use of human-friendly solutions and technologies limiting energy and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions as well as the amount of waste generated.

Officyna was inscribed in the existing frontage of Grunwaldzka Avenue. The building itself refers to the old building, maintaining a characteristic division into two parts. However, its modern architecture brings a definite boost to the whole frontage. It is another element of the development of this business street in Gdańsk, where more and more commercial and office buildings are being erected.